December 1st, Believe

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Is it just me or did this whole 2016 feel like a world wind? I don't even remember November and it seems like Halloween was like yesterday. I guess sleep would be a good option and perhaps I get in touch with my inner zen and slow it down.

Well, Happy December 1st!

This is the first year EVER in Jennifer's world that our Christmas tree was up before December 20th. In fact, our decorations made an appearance November 19th and we made the decision to trade in the real Fir this year and opt for the "no fuss no mess" Lowes special. We even purchased the smelly sticks to hide in our tree. Life is good!

As the years progress, I find myself more and more excited and into the Christmas spirit. Malia, my little 7 year old, is so enthralled with the magic this season brings. Don't be fooled, I struggle on the daily to find the right hiding spot for Jenna, her Elf On The Shelf, but the sheer happiness and joy in her eyes when she sees that damn elf is all worth it. The curiosity and love she has for Santa amazes me. The way that she interacts and gives out warm fuzzies to those around her lets me know she cares and that spirit lives. And so it makes me think about the world... You see, children love so peacefully and innocently. They have never met Santa. Their Elf On The Shelf is a stuffie. The questions they ask are sometimes hard to answer honestly. And yet the love they share is not fake and they do it without seeing. They believe in the good of the world and the humanity that surrounds them. 

My goal this season and moving forward is to keep the spirit going. To give out a warm fuzzy just because, let my imagination of peace and love run freely, and believe that magic lives because in my mind, those are some good vibes!

Have a beautiful day!


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