Dream, Love, Inspire, Believe and Strength

These are some of the words on a one-of-a-kind Fortunista necklace that are hand stamped with love by a child.

Who are we?

Fortunista is FOR PURPOSE. Its mission is to help embrace, encourage, and nurture the artistic skills as well as the motor skills that all children need to develop. Using a hand-over-hand method, we work with the children to individually stamp messages of intent. Fortunista Fortune Cookie necklaces are a unique gift intended to bring positivity, wisdom, and good fortune. They are like your very own lucky charm! 

Together with our partners, we believe every child deserves the right to achieve their full potential through fun, tactile, and tailored activities. Meeting the individual needs of a child with opportunities to experience inclusion and full participation in their home, school and community creates a strong foundation and the opportunity for greater success. With every necklace sold, Fortunista directly helps to sponsor a child. This sponsorship includes psychological and physical therapies.  


Who are our Partners?

Fortunista’s journey began through a personal experience that turned into a partnership with G.R.I.T. Calgary Society (Getting Ready for Inclusion Today).     G.R.I.T is a long standing program of excellence, meeting the diverse needs of preschool children with developmental disabilities. The GRIT Society offers a highly individualized, home, community and school based Education and Therapeutic program designed to meet the unique needs and aspirations of the child and family.

Since inception, we have moved our main office to Kingston, Jamaica. We continue to spread our partnerships with schools and homes such as Maxfield Park Children's Home, Jamaica's largest and oldest children's orphanage, in need of FUNdraising and sponsorship.


Fortunista.org is an initiative based organization to help bring awareness and positive change to early childhood development programs. A large percentage of the proceeds go back in to specific tools and equipment for the children. We help facilitate field trips and lessons that teach a skill for the child. Transformation happens in community, and that happens here on a daily basis! 

Fortunista.org thanks all of the children and aids involved who have help create such a special labour of love.



Currently, we are sponsoring children at Maxfield Park Children's Home so they can take swim lessons, musical therapy, and physical education programmes when this pandemic is past us. We realize that basics such as paint and paint brushes, crayons, books and musical instruments are wonderful wishes that all children should have access to. We will feature different WISHES on a regular basis so you can see what your Fortunista helps support. 


If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.

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