Jewelry Care

It is important to Fortunista that our products maintain their quality throughout the years.  

In order to ensure that your item is kept in its best condition, clean as often as needed using the polishing cloth provided on any metal parts to reduce tarnishing. Keep in mind that due to the personal pH levels of an individual’s skin, jewelry may tarnish more quickly for some than for others.

Since exposure to air can also oxidize jewelry, we recommend storing your Fortunista necklaces in your fortune cookie pouch rather than leaving them fully exposed to the air. Fortunista necklaces are packaged carefully in our silk pouches and protective boxes - use these as an easy storage option to keep your pieces safe.

 Due to the nature of raw brass, bronze, and nickel used for our tags and charms, and other components, you may see slight variations in the colour on particular styles. In order to remove any tarnishing (and even out the colour if needed) use the polishing cloth provided.

Keep your raw jewelry clean by occasionally washing in warm, soapy water and polishing with a dry, soft cloth. Alternatively, a little lemon water brings back that shine!!!

Avoid excessive exposure to water and sunlight. We recommend removing your jewelry before showering, heading to the beach, etc. 

Do not spray on perfume when wearing your Fortunista necklace.  If you have sprayed on perfume, wait for it to totally dry before putting on your necklace or wipe clean with cleaning cloth.

Some people who are known to have acidic skin may cause metallic accessories to oxidize/darken.  If one is acidic in body chemistry, please do not wear your Fortunista necklace against bare skin or expose the pieces to sweat.

It is best to not immerse your jewelry in chemically treated jewelry cleaner.  To clean the necklace from time to time, immerse the pieces in a mild detergent followed by rinsing with water and patting dry with a soft cloth.

If you live close to saltwater, know that this can also cause your jewelry to darken.

Please note - Fortunista will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur by foregoing the above recommendations.



Fortunista is committed to protecting the freedom and privacy of all of the children who make our products. 

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